Pro-Gratitude stands for 2 things:

  1. Professional Gratitude – in other words, Gratitude at Work. Could your employer use some help in this area? If so, we have many ways to assist. Click here for our services.

  2. Pro-Gratitude as in “I’m in favor of Gratitude!”

Russ Terry is an expert on gratitude. He’s spent more than 5 years documenting what he’s grateful for every day. It’s his mission for 2018 and beyond to help employees and companies be more grateful! When that happens, the world of possibility opens. He’s developed an assessment that everyone - whether an entire department or even all the employees in an organization - can take as a baseline. He then has a plethora of tools that employees can use to treat everyone better and spread gratitude at work.


When Russ spoke at the Lincoln Center, the CEO was so inspired that he bought Russ's Our Gratitude Mission book for all 45 employees in attendance, on the spot.


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During his workshop at the New York Cares Leadership Conference, Russ had all attendees complete his gratitude assessment.


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