Coach & Author Russ Terry is ON A MISSION to make the world a more grateful and therefore a happier place. We need it now more than ever! He’s published books on gratitude (My Gratitude Journal and Our Gratitude Mission) and is working on 3 more. He’s spoken to companies all over the United States and now is ready to help your organization be a more grateful place.

Before becoming a Coach, Russ had success in several other careers:

  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant) – 4.5 years

  • TV Anchor/Reporter – 5.5 years

  • Human Resources Manager – 8 years

Russ has spoken about gratitude and other topics all over the US at these companies and universities:

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In his 6 years as a Coach, Russ has worked with clients from all over the US, including people from the following companies

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Russ Terry conducted a professional development seminar with our nonprofit in August 2017 and he was tremendous! His workshops on gratitude and emotional intelligence were engaging and inspiring. Our staff is still talking about it! Russ Terry is definitely an expert in his field and we'd recommend him to any company looking for professional development.

- Kerri Blakey, Chief Program Officer, The Lincoln Center for Family & Youth

"Bringing Russ in to facilitate our nonprofit organization’s retreat was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Russ led us through a session that allowed the full staff to open up, share their motivations, fears, and hopes – and it broke open a ton of new ideas for our work that we hadn’t thought of before because the team felt almost instantaneously supported, inspired and creative. It was remarkable how much Russ was able to accomplish – in a group setting – for every individual staff member that participated. We still use Russ-isms to this day when we’re feeling tired or uninspired to remember what we’re all truly capable of."

- Danielle Holly, CEO, Common Impact

"Russ Terry continues to impress people with his energetic personality and leadership abilities. As the keynote speaker at our leadership retreat, Russ connected with the audience through his “Platinum rule” and exciting personal experiences. Meeting Russ Terry at a few of his life coaching sessions, Russ continues to add depth to the experience with each encounter. Russ is able to command a room from 20 to 200 individuals and he makes his work seem easy. Russ Terry's wealth of knowledge has made working with him a truly wonderful experience."

- Naneen Christopher, Northeast Regional Director, Alpha Kappa Psi